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Quick Summary
  • Padded Seat (Vacuum Sealed, Auto-Expanding)
  • Soft Cotton Canvas Material
  • Strong and Easy to Assemble Stand
  • Perfect for Indoors
  • Popular with Child Occupational Therapists
  • Capacity: 80kg
  • Stand Height: 2.1m

Orange and Blue Cotton Sensory Swing with Stand

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Item Description
This orange and blue sensory swing is made from smooth cotton canvas, and is matched with a large stand that makes it perfect for indoor use.

A sensory swing on its own requires a hanging point such as a screw hook installed in the ceiling, but the stand solves that problem. With a stand, you can easily set it up in a bedroom, playroom, verandah, etc, no matter if you're renting, living in an apartment or a house. The set is also popular with child occupational therapists.

The stand itself measures 2.1m tall, it's easy to assemble, and comes with extra accessories so you can adjust the hanging height of your swing - a chain, carabiner and S-hook.

Why is this one so popular?

Sensory swings are popular with kids with autism and their parents, for its calming effect. The stand makes the swing accessible to everyone - people who rent or live in apartments may not be able to install a screw hook into the ceiling, so would normally not be able to have a sensory swing, but with the stand they can.

The young woman pictured in the photos weighs 60kg and is 23 years old. This is approximately the largest size the swing can support, as you can see it's getting tight. Children fit easily and sometimes like to add a blanket inside the swing.
Weight Capacity80kg
Swing Length1.4m
Swing Width0.7m
Stand Height2.1m
What's IncludedSensory Swing, Stand, S-Hook, Chain and Carabiner
MaterialCotton Canvas, Powder Coated Steel
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
Assembly and Safety ManualsX-stand-diagram.jpg
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