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Quick Summary
  • Strong and Sturdy (For sitting or gentle-moderate swinging)
  • Suits A Wide Range of Hammock Chairs and Swings
  • Capacity: 200kg (When Sitting)
  • Height: 2.05m
  • Base: 1.6x1.4m

U Stand: 3 Point Chair and Swing Stand

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Item Description
One of the biggest advantages of this stand is that it has 3 hanging points, while being smaller than the swing set stands (eg. 260x206cm footprint for the large swing set stand vs 160x140cm footprint for this stand). Having 3 hanging points means that you can interchange quite a few swings, on either the middle hanging point or the 2 outer hanging points.

This is the smallest stand that can have the wrap swings attached in the 'open' fashion from 2 hanging points. The X-Stand by comparison (with 110x110cm footprint) can only have the wrap swings attached from a single point, in a more 'closed' fashion. This stand can in fact have a wrap swing attached from either 1 point or 2 points.

Note that the footprint is 160x140cm. The photos could make it look deceptively small. It is more of a medium sized stand, and is fairly tall, so can fit most swings.

The main purpose of this stand is sitting or gentle to moderate swinging - not strong swinging. While the base is made in a rather strong fashion, you'd notice the legs lifting when swinging moderately (take a look at the video for an example).

Having the legs lift a bit does not mean that it's ready to fall over (since the legs are 160cm long), but it does mean that it could be annoying on a hard surface, but should be fine on grass. If sitting, then you'd not notice it. If swinging, then it's worth considering.

It is made from weather resistant power-coated steel and has a weight limit of 200kg (when sitting).

What's Included:
  • 1x Stand
  • 1x Center Spring
  • 2x S-Hooks
  • Note: In certain cases, you might want to use carabiners (not included) instead of S-Hooks, for improved safety. Eg. if bouncing, spinning or swinging more than gently. In case of spinning, you could consider a swivel too.
Suitable Swings:
  • Pods
  • Wrap Swings
  • Most Hammock Chairs (Except some particularly long ones. Since the hammock chairs are not adjustable in height, it can be useful to have an additional chain and carabiner to lower the chair if needed.)
  • 100cm nest swings
  • Not the hangouts. The hangouts being 110cm wide and attaching to only 1 point means that it could easily bump into the side poles.
Important Notes / Warnings:
  • Not for strong swinging. Consider a swing set stand with a larger base that can be fixed to the ground for stronger swinging.
  • Depending on the usage, consider whether the S-hooks are safe enough, or if you need to use carabiners instead.
  • If spinning on the stand, make sure that the S-hook or spring is holding in position safely. If spinning, it may be safer to use a carabiner -> swivel -> carabiner -> swing setup instead of spring -> swing or S-hook -> swing.
  • While the 100cm nest swings can fit, that is mainly for gentle swinging and when connected to 2 hanging points, so it is kept in the forward-backward direction, so should not bump into the side poles. If you only connected to the 1 middle hanging point (eg. for spinning), it would be easier to bump into the side poles.

Note: Pictured chairs/swings are not included.

Note: This is a bulky item, so while delivery is free, it may not be possible to delivery to certain rural postcodes. We'll let you know if it's not possible and provide a refund, or give the option of paying for extra delivery if that's possible.

Example undeliverable postcodes: 0800-0999, 4700-4999, 6215-6799 plus some sporadic rural ones.
Weight Capacity200kg (When Sitting)
What's IncludedStand, 1x Spring, 2x S-Hooks
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
Assembly and Safety ManualsU-stand-3-point-manual.pdf
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