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Quick Summary
  • XL at 33cm Long
  • Spirals for Added Holding Strength
  • Straps for Easy Adjustment

XL Spiral Pegs with Straps (33cm): Set of 4

 (as pictured)
Item Description
These are very large (33cm) pegs for attaching a stand to the ground. They have spirals on them, which holds them in the ground stronger than straight pegs. That means they are installed to a depth of around 30cm by spinning the spiral end into the ground (tip: place a screwdriver through the hole of the peg for leverage).

Once it's been installed a few cm outward from where you'll be attaching it, you'll be able to attach the strap to the peg and to the stand. The strap makes it easy to make minor adjustments without having to move the peg.

Suggested to be installed near the corners of the stand, usually a few cm in the outward direction.

Now your stand will be more stable than previously, and will support higher swinging than before.

Have an adult check the strength of the set-up before use.
Peg Length33cm
What's Included4x Spiral Pegs, 4x Adjustment Straps
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
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