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Quick Summary
  • Medium - for smaller kids, approx <140cm tall.
  • Smooth and Strong Nylon Fabric
  • Capacity: 90kg
  • Hanging Length: Adjustable
  • Swing Size: 450x180cm
  • Can be hung from 1 or 2 hanging points.

Medium Teal Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm)

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Item Description
This is the medium variation of the wrap swing. It's still 450cm long, but only 180cm wide compared to 250cm wide for the large, meaning it has less overlapping material around the head and feet for smaller kids.

It is approximately for children <140cm tall. Smaller kids can use the large too, but they may find it a bit too deep, and with a bit too much excess material around the head and feet, so that's when the medium can be preferable

The nylon material is smooth, strong, and a bit stretchy - similar to lycra.

The adult and child in the photos weigh a total of 80kg, compared to the swing weight limit of 90kg.

You can hang the swing from 1 or 2 hanging points. Hanging from 1 point will mean the swing wraps tighter and can spin, while hanging from 2 points will be a bit more open though still fairly tight, and will mainly move forward and backward, not spin.

The optional tree straps are not only for trees. They can be used to hang from horizontal supports, such as a horizontal beam on a verandah.

The size is for smaller kids, approximately <140cm tall. Taller people can fit too, but for an adult for example, the large is more comfortable. This size will have less material overlap than the large, when used by a small child. The suggested age is 3+, though small children should use it under supervision, to make sure that they can get in and out safely, and preferably with a soft surface beneath.

You'll receive 2 large carabiners with the swing. To set up the swing, you'll need to tie each end through a carabiner. Make sure to double knot it, as the smooth material could slide if only single knotted. Retie one end until you have your desired hanging length. If there is excess material hanging down on one end, sit it in the carabiner.

Having the carabiners means it's easy to take down and put up without having to re-adjust or retie every time.

The nylon material is mildew resistant, but can fade with prolonged UV exposure, so it is better as an indoor swing. If used outdoors, it is best kept under cover when not in use.

The swing is suggested to be hand-washed, and can be dried on low heat cycle.
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Weight Capacity90kg
Hanging LengthAdjustable (By Tying)
Swing Size450x180cm
What's IncludedNylon Swing + 2 Large Carabiners
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
Assembly and Safety Manualsmedium-wrap-swing-manual.pdf
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