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Quick Summary
  • Capacity: 200kg
  • Width: 153cm
  • Height: 153cm
  • Suggested Hanging Point: 245cm+
  • Polyester and Cotton

Cacoon Hangout (Single Size)

 (as pictured)
Item Description
Stand Not Included. This listing is for the Cacoon on it's own, including: Cacoon Canvas, Inner Ring, Suspension Rope with Carabiner.

Cacoon Size
Following is perspective of the 3 sizes of Cacoon. This listing is for the medium Single size, 153cm wide (quite similar to our 150cm nest swings), which is commonly used for multiple children.

Stand shown for perspective only. Not included by default.

Weight Limit
The weight limit of the swing is 200kg. This is significantly larger and with higher weight limit than the pods for example.

Single Size Advantages
  • Can fit multiple people at once, particularly kids.
  • Can lay out fairly easily (adults might have bent knees, or legs out the door).
  • Fairly large, but not huge, so may fit indoors.
  • Fairly easy to balance (when leaning towards the sides for example).

The swing itself includes a hanging rope with carabiner. The rope can be used for hanging, or the carabiner can be latched onto a daisy chain strap (optional accessory). That would allow to easily adjust up and down the daisy chain strap.

Optional Stand
The 'Heavier Duty Tripod Stand (Cacoon Approved)' is the suggested stand for the Cacoons. The Single size Cacoons may be too tall for some shorter types of stands. Note that the Heavier Duty Tripod Stand is very large. In case of wanting to save space, Daisy Chain Straps can be a good option, attached to a strong beam or branch.
Weight Capacity200kg
Height153cm (Pre-Stretch During Use)
Suggested Hanging Point245cm+
What's Included Cacoon with Inner Ring, Hanging Rope and Carabiner
MaterialPolyester and Cotton
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
Optional Accessory Details
Daisy Chain Straps: Pair (305cm)Daisy Chain Straps: Pair (305cm)
These daisy chain straps are long and strong, and have the advantage of being able to quickly adjust a swing or hammock,...More Details
Cacoon Cover (Single)Cacoon Cover (Single)
The Cacoon Cover is useful for stopping leaves, dirt and water from entering the Cacoon and potentially pooling or dirtying....More Details
Doorway Mosquito Net (Single)Doorway Mosquito Net (Single)
The Doorway Mosquito Net is useful for stopping insects from entering the Cacoon as you're using it. It attaches to the...More Details
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