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Quick Summary
  • Weather Resistant Materials
  • Heavy Duty, Steel Core Rope
  • Capacity: 500kg
  • Diameter: 100cm
  • Length: Adjustable 180cm or 230cm

Heavy Duty Commercial 100cm Blue Rope Nest Swing

 (as pictured)
Item Description
Note 1: Stand pictured for perspective only. Stand not included.

Note 2: You'll find some optional accessories on this page. The weight capacity of the accessories may be lower than that of the swing, so do take note.

For heavy duty users such as schools or clinics who require the most solid option, this nest swing uses steel-core rope, chains and the circle is 10cm thick, meaning it can support up to 500kg compared to 100kg for regular 100cm nest swings.

It is made from weather resistant materials, and comes with thick 50cm galvanised chains and stainless steel carabiners, so it can be swapped between 180cm and 230cm tall.

Following is a summary of the main differences between the heavy duty and a regular 100cm nest swing:

Difference between heavy duty and regular nest swing

To get the most out of the 500kg weight limit, it's suggested to have an equally strong stand. Our stands are designed to match with our regular nest swings, so if using it with high weight, you may need to source a heavy duty stand elsewhere, or to have another type of setup.

It can be hung from 1 point for spinning and swinging in every direction, or from 2 points to have it swing mainly forward and backward. The swing includes 2x 50cm chains, each with 2 large carabiners, so you can hang it with or without the extension chains.
Weight Capacity500kg
Height180cm or 230cm (Depending if the 50cm removable chains are attached)
What's IncludedHeavy Duty Nest Swing, 2x 50cm Removable Chains
MaterialSteel Core Rope
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
Assembly and Safety Manuals100cm-heavy-duty-rope-nest-swing-manual.pdf
Optional Accessory Details
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