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Quick Summary
  • Large Stand, Usually Suited to Outdoors
  • Fits Most Swings
  • Cacoon Approved
  • Weather Resistant Powder-Coated Steel
  • Capacity: 204kg (Heavier Duty)
  • Stand Height: 257cm
  • Stand Base: 260x260x260cm

Heavier Duty Tripod Stand (Cacoon Approved)

 (as pictured)
Item Description
Swings Not Included. This listing is for the stand on it's own, including: stand (with feet), base tension strap, chain and pegs.

Important Note: Please check in advance that the stand dimensions will fit in your space - it's large.

The Stand
The tripod stand is large at 260x260x260cm (along the base triangle) and 257cm tall, so it's generally best suited to outdoors, but also has flat feet for indoor use.

The heavier duty / higher weight limit makes it a good match for the Cacoons, including the largest Double size Cacoon. The swings can be adjusted up and down using the chain, so it can fit smaller Cacoons too such as the Bebo.

The stand's primary purpose is sitting, but can support gentle to moderate swinging. However, note that large swings such as Double size Cacoon would be closer to the size poles, which puts a limit on swinging strength.

There are 12 pegs included to fix the legs down and in their correct positions. The stand is power coated for weather resistance (scratches should still be touched up to maximize the resistance).

All sizes of Cacoon can fit on this stand, but are not included by default. Following is some size perspective for various sizes of Cacoon on the stand.

Swapping Swings
The chain and carabiner system makes it easy to latch swings on and off. Other swings that you might consider include - a nest swing, a pod, or wrap swing.

Weight Limit
The weight limit of the stand is 204kg, which is heavier duty for a tripod stand. If the limit of your swing is lower, then you follow the limit of the swing.

Set Includes
Tripod Stand Only (Including 2x Carabiners, 1x Chain, 12x Pegs, 1x Tension Strap)

Stand Advantages:
  • Very Large - It can fit all of our swings.
  • Chain and carabiner system lets you adjust the swing up and down easily.
  • Only has tension straps below the swing - safe from hard obstacles.
  • The tension strap and pegs keep the 3 legs securely in position.
  • Can be used for spinning.
Stand Disadvantages:
  • Only for gentle-moderate swinging. If swinging too strongly, you could bump into the poles. Smaller swings have a larger distance to the poles, and if you adjust the swing lower, it'll have a little extra distance to the poles.

Adjusting: The chain and carabiners on the stand can be used to adjust your swing higher or lower. You can attach the carabiner to a different link on the chain to move the swing higher.

Accessories: The optional accessories (eg. daisy chain straps) are offered for convenience, in case of wanting to have an extra hanging location separate to the stand. The set already includes everything you need to use the stand itself.

Note for TAS, WA, NT: This item has a heavy item surcharge for orders to TAS, WA and NT. If this applies to you, please add the surcharge through the drop-down above the order button.
Weight Capacity204kg
Stand Dimensions260x260x260cm Along the Base Triangle, 257cm Tall
What's Included Tripod Stand (Including 2x Carabiners, 1x Chain, 12x Standard Pegs, 1x Tension Strap)
MaterialPowder Coated Steel
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
Optional Accessory Details
Daisy Chain Straps: Pair (305cm)Daisy Chain Straps: Pair (305cm)
These daisy chain straps are long and strong, and have the advantage of being able to quickly adjust a swing or hammock,...More Details
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