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Quick Summary
  • Smooth Canvas Material
  • Very Easy to Set Up
  • Capacity: 30kg
  • Includes Hammock and Stand Pictured

Free Standing Baby Hammock

 (as pictured)
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Item Description

Babies love to swing, and it has a calming effect.  Parents love a calm baby, and want a safe place to swing or rock them.  This free standing baby hammock is both comfortable and safe.

Take a look at the photos to the left to see how one 9 month old, 12kg, 75cm tall baby experienced the hammock his first time.

He started off a little hesitant, but the 3 point seat belts kept him in safe, even when he kicked his leg over the side.  Very soon, the swinging motion calmed him down.

Then, given a bottle, he went straight to sleep.


The cords are adjustable, so the hanging angle can be adjusted depending on preference, baby weight, and height.


Setup is very easy, taking 2-5 minutes.

Remove from the box, unfold the pre-assembled stand, attach the latches and tighten the bolts on the latches, attach hammock, adjust cord lengths - done.  Insert baby and put on the seat belts.

Suggested Age

We suggest this hammock for babies 9 months and under, since older babies are sometimes too energetic, wanting to walk or crawl around rather than be secured into the hammock. The hammock size does support older babies, however.


Keep the baby and hammock in sight to be able to manage the baby safely, and to be able to remove it quickly when it awakes or wants to be taken out.

We also have a range of adult sized free standing hammocks if you want one for yourself. You and baby can both swing and relax next to each other.
Weight Capacity30kg
Accommodates1 Baby
What's IncludedStand and Hammock
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
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