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Quick Summary
  • Largest Swing Size in Australia
  • Micro-Weave Textilene Mat
  • Seats Multiple Children or Even Adults
  • Weather Resistant Galvanised Steel Stand
  • Strong and Easy to Assemble Stand
  • Can Be Used Indoors or Outdoors (Shade Suggested)
  • Capacity: 140kg Suggested
  • Swing Width: 150cm
  • Stand Height: 185cm

150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand (Galvanised)

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Item Description
150cm is the largest size of nest swing available in Australia, and stocked only by Heavenly Hammocks & Swings, so it's totally unique! The most obvious advantage is that while a 100cm swing is mainly for kids, a 150cm swing can fit adults too. Add pillows on top and you've got a very relaxing place to lay down (we've tried it and can confirm).

The swing is very roomy, so could fit multiple kids easily. The textilene micro-weave material is waterproof, smooth and supportive. A lot of people prefer the smooth mat style versus the rope style.

The suggested age is 3+ and the child pictured is 3 years old.

The Stand: The galvanised swing set stand is designed with sensory swings and nest swings in mind. It is a fairly large stand at 260cm wide by 206cm deep, so it is a multi-purpose stand that can hold lots of different swings. Being galvanised means it has weather resistance, even in case of scratches.

Weight Limit: The stand has a suggested weight limit of 150kg while the swing has a suggested limit of 140kg. So as a set, it's limited to 140kg, though you could potentially add 2 smaller swings to the stand at the same time.

Set includes: 1x swing set stand, 2x ropes & carabiners and 1x orange nest swing.

We have included an additional photo showing 2 pods on the stand for perspective, in case you wanted to hang other items from the stand. Additional swings can be ordered separately.

The Swing: The outer ring is padded for safety and comfort, while the swing uses 8 outer ropes rather than the usual 4 on smaller swings, for stability and strength. The tabs connecting the mat to the padded ring keep the mat taut, though the mat will stretch a bit after some use.

Weather Resistance: The stand is galvanised and the swing is made from textilene mesh, which are both weather resistant. That means it can be used outdoors, though it can still be good to avoid leaving it in strong sun & rain permanently, to avoid fading.

Hanging: You can hang the swing from 1 or 2 hanging points. Hanging from 1 point will mean the swing can spin, while hanging from 2 points will mainly swing forward and backward, not spin.

Adjusting: The swing has adjustable ropes, so you can adjust to a suitable height depending on the age and height of the children or adults using it.

Accessories: The optional accessories are offered for convenience, eg. in case you want to have extra hanging locations in addition to the stand. The set already includes everything you need to use the stand and nest swing.

Why is this one so popular?
  • The stand avoids the need for a suitable tree or installing fittings in your property.
  • The stand is a good size to match with most of our popular swings.
  • The wide and deep dimensions of the stand give it good stability.
  • It can be set up in a play room, verandah, or yard, as long as there is space.
  • The swing is impressively large, so it is popular with kids and adults alike.

Please follow the manual when setting it up. There is a trick that you should follow to get the swing together easier. In case you need more help, here is a video showing the final step.

Note for TAS, WA, NT: This item has a heavy item surcharge for orders to TAS, WA and NT. If this applies to you, please add the surcharge through the drop-down above the order button.
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Weight CapacityStand: 150kg Suggested, Swing: 140kg Suggested
Swing Width150cm
Stand Dimensions185cm Tall / 260cm Wide / 206cm Deep
What's Included1x Galvanised Swing Set Stand, 2x Black Ropes with Carabiners, 1x Nest Swing
MaterialGalvanised Steel, Textilene Mat
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
Assembly and Safety Manualsswing-set-stand-manual.pdf
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