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Quick Summary
  • Good for Sitting and Swinging
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Quite Large at 120cm Wide
  • Capacity: 100kg

120cm Blue Yellow Incline Elastic Swing

 (as pictured)
Item Description
Important Note: This swing is a fixed height swing. The front of the swing is fixed at 170cm tall, while the back can be adjusted to make the incline higher or lower. That means that it won't fit on all stands. It requires a hanging point about >200cm high.

The incline elastic swing is unique in its bounciness since it has a center circle that is supported by woven elastic. That gives it more bounce than usual nest swing material. It is intended for sitting and laying rather than standing or jumping, and the angle can be adjusted to make it more inclined as a seat or flatter as a swing.

The size is quite large at 120cm wide. That is larger than the common 100cm size, yet not quite as large as our 150cm options. As you can see from the photos, the size is large enough to fit an adult, compared to the 100cm size which can feel a bit too small for adults. So this one can be used by both the kids and adults.

The back of the swing is adjustable, so you can change the angle of the swing. The front of the swing is fixed at 170cm tall, so it requires a reasonably high hanging point, approx. 2.0m or higher. The material in the middle of the swing is waterproof Textilene, which is like finely woven polyester/PVC that lets airflow through.
Weight Capacity100kg
Longest Fixed Dimension1.7m Tall
What's IncludedElastic Nest Swing
MaterialWaterproof Textilene
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
Assembly and Safety Manuals120cm-incline-elastic-swing-amended-manual.pdf
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