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Quick Summary
  • Web Nest Swing (For Younger Children)
  • Fits Multiple Children
  • Capacity: 100kg
  • Hanging Length: 1.2m
  • Seat Width: 100cm

100cm Birds Nest Swing with Stand

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Item Description
Note: We've changed some of the rope colours in this swing to be less-bright, but more UV resistant. In particular, the brightest coloured ropes like red have been swapped for darker colours like black.

Note that the first 4 photos are current colours, and the additional photos show some older colours (like red), but we showed those photos for more perspective.

The web nest swing is unique in that is has a web of ropes around the outside, keeping kids securely inside. Young children may appreciate having nice strong ropes to hang on to, making it easy for them to stay balanced. These ropes provide more balance support than the vertical ropes of a regular nest swing.

It is large at 100cm wide, so it can fit multiple small children up to the 100kg weight limit. The suitable age range is 3 years and up.

The swing is suspended by strong 10mm rope, the inner steel tubing is bound with 8mm rope and the seat is woven with 5mm rope.

This swing is very popular with young children and it's large enough for multiple children to use together, so invite some friends over and they'll be excited to try it too.

Safety Notes:
  1. This set is suggested to be used with supervision. The swing is popular with smaller kids, so considering that the metal legs of the stand could be a potential tripping hazard, it is best to have an adult around to make sure they get on and off safely.
  2. The swing itself is fixed at 120cm tall, but the hanging height can be adjusted by using the chain on the stand. If should be hung fairly low to make it easy and safe to get on and off.
  3. Avoid clutter around the legs of the stand, to avoid tripping.

Note for TAS, WA, NT:
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Weight Capacity100kg
Stand Dimensions226cm Tall, 146x130cm base
Hanging Length120cm
Seat Width100cm
What's IncludedWeb Nest Swing
Bound Tube Diameter3.2cm
Suspension Rope10mm Thickness
Seat Rope5mm Thickness
Appropriate Age3+ Years
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
Assembly and Safety ManualsC-stand-manual.pdf
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