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Quick Summary
  • Spins Freely
  • Capacity: 200kg
  • Size: 18 x 3.9cm
  • Adds bounce to your hammock chair.

18cm Hammock Chair Spring (Cone Shaped)

 (as pictured)
Item Description

Specifically designed for hammock chair use, this cone shaped spring swivels freely while adding more bounce to your chair.

It is strong enough for any hammock chair use and can add life to your hammock chair, as it takes some of the strain on heavier bounces.

It measures 18cm long, is made from 6mm wire and can support up to 200kg.  It is made from zinc plated steel for corrosion resistance and strength.

This spring is a great add-on with any hammock chair.

Weight Capacity200kg
Wire Diameter6mm
MaterialZinc Plated Steel
What's IncludedHammock Chair Spring (1)
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
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