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Quick Summary
  • Supportive Padded Seat
  • Easy to Assemble Stand
  • Perfect for Indoors
  • Capacity: 100kg
  • Hammock Chair Length: 1.4m
  • Stand Height: 1.9m

Beige Padded Hammock Chair with Wooden Arm Rests with U Stand

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Item Description
Important Note: This stand is for sitting rather than swinging. It should be set up against a wall for safety or with sandbags.

This stand is a relatively cheaper and lighter stand, that has the added benefit of having legs flat to the ground, making it easy to balance when getting in and out. The weight limit is not quite as high as some other stands, but it's a very reasonable 100kg.

This set includes our popular beige padded chair with wooden arm rests, a U-shaped chair stand and extra accessories to adjust the hanging height. It is perfect for use indoors or on a verandah. The stand is galvanised for weather protection, though the cotton of the hammock chair should be protected from moisture.

If you had a chair on its own, you'd need to hang it with a tree strap or a screw hook installed in the ceiling. The stand solves this and makes hanging very convenient - no matter if you live in an apartment, if you are renting, or don't have a hanging location. The only requirement is that the stand be positioned against a wall (as in the photos), as a precaution due to the shape.

The stand measures 1.9m high, which is tall enough for the hammock chair without hitting the ceiling. The extra accessories included with the stand are: carabiners and a 33cm chain. You can lower the hanging height of the chair by connecting the chain to the stand, then connecting the carabiner and chair to various loops of the chain.

Why is this one so popular?

The beige colour is a nice neutral tone that works well with most any decor. Whether you like the padded seat with wooden arm rests rather than one of our other chairs comes down to preference. The stand is handy, in that it allows people to have a hanging chair even if they don't have a hanging point, as not everybody has the option of hanging with a screw hook or tree strap.

The chair itself measures 1.4m in height by 1.0m wide. Please click on the photos to get a better view of the chair with a model pictured for size.
Weight Capacity100kg
Chair Length1.4m
Chair Width1.0m
Stand Height1.9m
What's IncludedHammock Chair, Stand, Chain and Carabiners
MaterialOrganic Cotton, Inner Padding, Galvanised Steel
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
Assembly and Safety ManualsU-stand-manual.pdf
Optional Accessory Details
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