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Quick Summary
  • Very Strong and Smooth
  • Tensile Strength: 800kg+ Each
  • Size: 3.0m x 8mm
  • Comes as a Pair

3 Meter by 8mm Black Paracord Hammock Ropes: Pair

 (as pictured)
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Item Description

These 8mm thick black paracord hammock ropes are strong, are made from polyester with tensile strength of 800kg+ each.

They are also smooth due to their double braided design (as pictured) which is abrasion resistant both to the rope itself and the surface that it's tied to.  Though for maximum surface protection (e.g. on a tree with bark), tree straps are optimal.

The ropes are pre-sized to 3 meters with ends melted and come in pairs.

The alternative to ropes is usually a matching stand or tree straps.

Tensile Strength800kg+ Each
Weight0.12kg each
DesignDouble Braided
What's IncludedParacord Ropes (2)
Purchase Protection6 Months
Support7 Days per Week
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